New Online Registration for Western Albemarle High School


Current eighth graders who will be attending Western Albemarle High School for the 2013-14 school year will register for classes online later this month.

Prospective Western Albemarle students can register for classes between December 21 and January 9 by logging on through their Parent or Student Portal accounts.

Students who will attend Albemarle High School can register from December 12 to January 9 and those headed for Monticello High School from December 12 to January 13.

This is the first time the online system will be used. School officials expect the system to be more efficient, timely and cheaper to administer.

About seven out of 10 parents of high school students have a Parent Portal account, which enables them to review student grades and attendance records and communicate directly with teachers.

Parents who do not have an active Parent Portal account should contact their school’s main office for assistance in setting one up.

Western Albemarle will host a curriculum fair Monday, December 10. Meetings to discuss the transition are being held this month for eighth graders in county schools. A similar meeting will be held in February for private school parents and students who are interested in attending public high school.