To the Editor: We ♥ Crozet


We ♥ Crozet

I appreciate the variety of neighborhoods throughout the White Hall district, the unique character of each determined by its residents’ desires.

I hope you fully appreciate how special is this place you call home. Let us celebrate Crozet!

Some descendants of the founders still live here. That connection to the past is alive and joyously embraced. Citizens organized and successfully funded the Crozet Historic District. You are on the board of the Blue Ridge Tunnel Foundation seeking to restore access to this engineering marvel and important historic and recreational link to the valley. There is active learning at the School for the Arts and other organizations for the music and dance of our cultural history.

Our library in the train depot has held us together, prepared us for the future, and kept us connected to the past. Did you know that the library provides links to read the texts of all the historic markers in Albemarle? The marker at The Square talks about Wayland’s Farm and the founding of the town around the rail stop in 1876. But many families had already been here for more than one hundred years.

These folks who link us to their ancestors also magically welcome new residents to the area. Never have I seen a place where the longtime resident and the new arrival so quickly join together. Long before the County government was organizing committees for the growth areas, Crozet residents organized themselves, coming together in the Women’s Club, the first Crozet library, the Community Association, the volunteer fire company, the Rescue Squad, a long list of churches, and many, many others. Residents wrote the community master plan to describe how they wanted to be when the town grew up.

Now the town is beginning to grow up.

A new community group, the Crozet Trails Crew, is creating a legacy of interconnectivity within the community, and also to nature in town and up the mountain paths. This large, hardworking group carries out the plans and dreams of the residents. Trails provide scenery up close and personal, not distant from a car. As I struggle up the path to Calf Mountain shelter, I think of the many footsteps before me, the many others who stopped to admire the moss on the huge north facing boulders, or to listen to the trickling stream.

Each of you will think of other aspects of Crozet to celebrate and I hope you will share them.

It is time to celebrate your accomplishments and raise funds for three very special recipients in 2013.

The third annual Valentine Swing Dance will be held Saturday, February 16, from 8 to 11 p.m. at the Field School, with a dance lesson offered at 7 p.m. The Salute to Swing band, which has 17 musicians and four singers, will perform. There will be a cash raffle and prizes. A special prize will be awarded to the neighborhood or organization that has the most people attend. Show your community spirit.

Our thanks go to the school for hosting this and many other community events. The music, set up, refreshments are all donated. ALL proceeds will be divided among our stalwart emergency providers at the Crozet Volunteer Fire Department and the Western Albemarle Rescue Squad, whose active members get in to the dance free, and to this year’s new recipient, the Build Crozet Library fund. This will help furnish the library, the newest of many gathering places in Crozet.

Celebrate. You deserve it.

Ann Mallek
Supervisor, White Hall District