To the Editor: Thanks from Sacred Source



I want to thank you for the comprehensive review of my book in last month’s issue. There I invited us all to bring back the gentle but powerful force of the feminine to our worship of God. You correctly summarized my central theme: humankind’s heavy emphasis on resource-consumption, on mental activity, on owning more and more things, places us at dire risk of disrespecting Mother Earth to the point where our children—far sooner than we realize—won’t be able to survive.

My book is titled Sacred Source. It explores and describes the images and myths of the Divine Feminine that allowed human civilization to evolve and prosper out of antiquity. It shares the miracles that compelled me to serve Goddess. And it urges us all to transform from the inside out. “Think globally, act locally” is another way to suggest what my book uncovers. How much more “local” can we get than in the way we meditate, envision or pray to God?

The January issue of the Gazette encouraged me to see that folks in Crozet really do seem to understand this. Your coverage of the aquifer-destroying gas station behemoth on Route 250 shows people don’t want our rare rural community infringed on by profiteers pushing hydrocarbons. Marlene Condon’s fine digest of climate change underscored my book’s message about loving and seeing our Earth as the feminine face of God.

And equally outstanding, your photo-feature showed a beautiful statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe, one of the most important faces of God the Mother, being carried in procession across our town, with some of our neighbors singing and praying and worshiping to celebrate Her.

As we change the way we act and think and pray, we can preserve and heal. I believe we can make both whole and holy, this marvelous blue-green jewel of Creation where all Life resides.

Freeman Allan