Build Crozet Library Fund Gets State Grant


The Build Crozet Library fund received a grant of $125,000 from the state of Virginia in February.

“Senator Creigh Deeds and Delegate Steven Landes are to be commended for their hard work co-sponsoring the grant and their overall support for the project,” said BCL fundraising committee chair Bill Schrader. “Senator Emmett Hanger was a co-patron and aided the grant approval. Also, the citizens of western Albemarle should pat themselves on the back for the many emails and phone calls they made to the budget committee members to support the grant for the library.”

Schrader said that a contract for furniture for the library will be signed soon and bids are being solicited from area cabinetmakers to build the circulation desk using local wood.

Meanwhile, Albemarle County has budgeted to add one staff person for the new Crozet/Western Albemarle Library and to cover all operational costs.

The committee has more than 40 proposals under consideration by foundations, corporations and individuals, seeking a total of $1,117,000, Schrader said. It expects to continue those efforts through September 2014.

“We purposely did not want to make all book purchases in the first year, so that is the reason fundraising will continue another year and a half,” he explained.

“We expect to receive another matching grant very soon and we’re counting on the same type of outstanding support that we received from the community to meet the $100,000 Perry grant. We are grateful for contributions from The Green Olive Tree, Crozet Women’s Club, Batesville Ruritans and Crozet Lions Club, but we still need backing from the community to help raise the remaining $958,000.”

The fund drive has raised $642,000 as of March 4, he said. “The volunteer fundraising committee continues to work hard and spend many hours to reach the fundraising goal,” said Schrader.

The committee members are John Halliday, Kathleen Jump, Jane Kulow, Jackie Loach, Nola Miller, Brenda Plantz, Wendy Saz, Tim Tolson, David Wayland, Krista Weih and Leslie Burns.


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