Witt Wins Ms. Mountainside Pageant

Gloria Savino, Ruby Witt and Pat Young

Ruby Witt was chosen as Ms. Mountainside 2013 from among 19 contenders at a pageant held in the Mountainside Senior Living dining room Feb. 20. First runner-up was Pat Young, a former undercover agent for the CIA, and vivacious Gloria Savino rounded out the top three.

Contestants were asked to demonstrate their kiss-blowing and hip-swaying styles as they came forward to be interviewed. Then each was asked probing and racy questions about her romantic history. Some also sang or danced for the crowd. By prior collusion, it seemed, each contestant replied “world peace” when asked what she wished for, but they may have been saying “whirled peas.”

Awards were also given in 10 other categories. Joyce Fincham was named Miss Congeniality, Evelyn Grimes was judged the Most Photogenic, Janet Breeden walked off with coveted Biggest Flirt honors, Darlene Pritchett was named the Best Kisser (she didn’t kiss anybody to prove it), and Melissa Monk was selected as Best Over All, but despite that did not get tapped to wear the tiara and sash in the end.

Witt beamed with a humble smile as the evening closed.

Tammy Sue Besecker was the emmcee and Elbert Dale, Linda Woolfrey, and Betty Ferneyhough served as judges.