To the Editor: Thanks from the Lions


On behalf of the Crozet Lions, I would like to thank all those who helped make our March 2 Pancake Dinner, a fundraiser for Crozet Library, such a success.

The Lions thank all of our business partners for their donations of funds and for providing 55 raffle prizes.

We thank all those community members—250—who joined us for dinner. Danny and Chris Hodge provided exciting and entertaining juggling. A special thanks goes to June Andrews for providing ever-so-perfect piano music. Thanks to Todd Barnett of the Field School for providing a great venue. For getting the word out, a thank you to Mike and Allie of the Crozet Gazette, Tim Tolson, Jim Duncan, Jane Kulow, as well as all the loyal businesses that posted our flyer.

It was a great evening and a huge success. More than $3,000 was raised for the large-print and audio book section of the new Crozet Library.

Karl Pomeroy
President, Crozet Lions Club