Patrick Connolly and Amelie Yu

Amelie Yu and Patrick Connolly
Amelie Yu and Patrick Connolly

Lewis Ann Connolly of Crozet and Brendan Connolly of Severna Park, Maryland, happily announce the engagement of their son Patrick Connolly of Crozet to Yu Mengjun of Shanghai, China.  Mengjun is the daughter of Yu Ji Ping  and  Zong Weijun of Shanghai, China.

Patrick graduated from Frostburg State University in Maryland, completed his master’s degree in History at the University of Macau in Macau, where the couple met, and is pursuing his doctorate at the same university.  Amelie Yu graduated from Macao University of Science and Technology, where she studied Hotel Management, and currently works in the field and also as a tourism journalist.

The couple will celebrate their marriage this June in Crozet.