To the Editor: On the Western Bypass


On the Western Bypass 

I am 100% for the Western Bypass. My only issue with it is the proposed location. By my rough estimate it is approximately 10 miles too far east.

The Crozet max-out has yet to occur. Nevertheless, despair is already setting in. If you live or have business north of Crozet and want to get to and from I-64 as many people do each and every day, you are screwed.

I figure a two lane, limited access highway starting north of town from the intersection of Crozet Ave. & Buck Rd. and following a western route around Crozet and New Crozet to a connection with the Interstate (roughly following Half Mile Branch) would do nicely. There’s plenty of open space for the road. It won’t go by any schools in case people were concerned about polluted air during recess and P.E. if they still do those things. Travelers save time, gas; they pollute less…it’s all good!

Robert Butler

Editor’s note: The author’s name was accidentally cut off the print version of this letter to the Editor. Sorry!

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