Batesville’s Plank Road Exchange Closes for the Last Time


By Kathy Johnson

Plank Road Exchange (Photo courtesy Jim Duncan)
Plank Road Exchange (Photo courtesy Jim Duncan)

Once more the door at 6624 Plank Road in Batesville has closed and locked for good.  Owner, Norm Jenkins explained the closing by saying he is “just too old for the late nights.” Jenkins and his partner Michael Clarke purchased the popular location and site of the old Page’s Store in 2003 with the intention of operating it themselves.  “We just weren’t ready,” he told the Gazette in February of this year when the store opened as The Plank Road Exchange.

Since that opening the store has done well and been very popular, but late nights on Friday and Saturday have proved to be “just too much,” Jenkins said.  The last day of operation for the store was Saturday, July 27.  “We’ll open for special parties,” he said, but there will no longer be a regular schedule of events.  For the past six months the store has hosted entertainment on Friday and Saturday nights and some Sundays.

For a period of time before Jenkins and Clarke opened the store themselves, it was operated as the Batesville Store by Cid and Liza Scallet, and garnered huge popularity with guests coming from Charlottesville, Staunton and other surrounding communities for the food and musicians who appeared regularly at the store.  After difficulties over the crowds, hours, and licensing structure, the Scallets were forced to close.  The store was operated briefly by another couple, but they did not experience the crowds the Scallets were able to bring in.

Jenkins said the store is presently up for sale.  For information or to book an event call 434-823-2001.