To the Editor: Popeye’s Complaint


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Popeye’s Complaint

A new store opened in Charlottesville and we stopped there to get something to eat. What we got was chicken we could not eat when we got home. The bread was hard. The rice was bad. When I called Popeye’s Chicken, they said, “Welcome to customer care or customer service.” I told them what happened and they said they would call me back in 24 to 76 hours. I called them five times. 1-800-Popeyes. Two months later they have yet to return my call.

We got two dinners, two Cokes, one rice for $18.95.

I say this: if you have money to throw away, go to Popeye’s in Charlottesville.

Richard “Boogie Man” Raemsch



  1. I went to pop eyes on June 13,2013, n bought 3 meals the cashier charged me 3 times which made my account have NSF charges I have talked to the local popeys that over charged me n called custom service at least 2 times a week since they keep telling me corporate will call me back no one has ever called. So a dinner that would have cost 15.00 ending up costing me 150. I just want my money back.

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