Crozet Trails Crew Built Four Bridges This Year


By Jessica Mauzy 

Crozet Trails Crew bridge builders
Crozet Trails Crew bridge builders

Since last summer, the Crozet Trails Crew has built four trail bridges: the Joseph Taylor Bridge, in honor of the winner of the 2011 Crozet Trails Day 5K, (it’s currently functional but under renovation); the Best Bridge, named for Phil Best, the engineering mastermind behind three of the four bridges; the Adam George Bridge, in honor of the winner of the 2012 Crozet Trails Day 5K, and the yet-to-be-named bridge that will be named in honor of the winner of the 2013 Crozet Trails Crew 5K on October 12.

The public is invited to walk the open section of the Crozet Connector Trail from Westhall to Western Ridge and check out these great bridges.

To see the Best Bridge, park at Crozet Park and walk down to the lower baseball field. Continue to the back corner where a small white sign marks the trail entrance. Staying to the right the whole time, you will cross the Best Bridge and enter back into the park on the opposite side of the baseball field.

To see the other bridges: park at Westhall on Summerdean Road in front of the small playground where there is space for about four cars. Walk to the north end of Summerdean Road and follow the asphalt path down to the stream. Cross the stream (there will eventually be a bridge here) and take a right. Follow the mowed path for about .6 mile and you’ll see the Adam George Bridge. Keep walking for another .2 mile and you will cross two more bridges. At this point, you’ll need to turn around and return the same way you came. It’s a nice 1.5 mile walk.

Register to race, jog, or walk the Crozet Trails Crew 5K October 12 ( and enjoy one-day access to the whole route to the park! This course crosses three private properties, so this is your opportunity to experience what may become a public trail in the future.