To the Editor: Farewell, Depot, Old Friend


Farewell, Depot, Old Friend

When I first read the news that the old Crozet Library was closing Aug. 23 my heart skipped and I wanted to cry. How could it be that time already?

I have loved watching our new library taking shape. I’m looking forward to seeing the Giving Tree, its golden leaves bearing the names of our friends and neighbors, and to touching the hand-crafted, curved desk made by a local artisan. Yet a part of me, the young mother in me, is grieving.

My daughter was just two when we moved to Crozet. I took her to the little depot library for story time and puppet shows. We did it all, every week. We saw magicians and reptile handlers, listened to children’s folk singers and storytellers. My son was born a year later and we three made the library part of our “special time” together. We would sit on the riser in the bay window and read stories together. If by chance a train passed by, the kids would jump up and down, clapping their hands, thrilled. Not once did the librarians hush them, even in that busy space where everyone mingled so closely.

As the kids grew, our weekly visits moved to the back left “junior” section, with The Littles series, E.B. White’s books, the Misty of Chincoteague collection and Harry Potter. A few years later Miss Allie took us to the right side of the room, to the “youth” section. She always had a good recommendation for that in-between reader. (I am still in search of the next good read for a boy who would just as soon go play outside than read.)

I know it was more than the building that gave my children their love of books. It was the connection we made as I held them on my lap and read in hushed tones. It was the librarians who helped them find stories. It was the books, varied and abundant, on easy-to-reach shelves. But it was also the little library depot building, the perfect size at the perfect time in our lives.

There is now a tugging at my heart for the small part of our lives that is moving onto bigger and better things.

Farewell, old friend, and thank you for all you have given to this family and this town.

Kimberly Gale



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