To the Editor: Three Cheers for the Brigaders


Three Cheers for the Brigaders 

The members of the Crozet/Western Albemarle Library Fundraising Committee and Jefferson-Madison Regional Library staff want to thank the more than 300 citizens who formed the Book Brigade on August 27.

By showing up in force, our community has strongly supported the idea of a new library since the first community meetings in 2004. You showed up in large numbers at the ground breaking on June 26, 2012. You showed up at many different types of fundraisers and events. You showed up with the almost 700 individual donations.

And you really showed up at the Book Brigade. We had nearly 100 third and fourth graders from Crozet Elementary School, we had mothers and fathers with toddlers, adults of all ages, Crozet Lions Club, Crozet Trails Crew, Crozet Arts members, several neighborhoods like Stonegate and Old Trail, church groups, and seniors from Mountainside and The Lodge at Old Trail.

The slogan of the fundraising is “Be Part of the Story.” That Tuesday, all of you in the Book Brigade were the whole story.

One of the committee members described the Book Brigade as a cross between a street fair and a love fest and that was the feeling we saw and felt all morning. From the spontaneous applause for the school kids to the fun of forming the heart photograph, you demonstrated why the new Crozet/Western Albemarle Library is already a community center. Thank you!

The Crozet/Western Albemarle Library Fundraising Committee  
John Halliday, Kathleen Jump, Jane Kulow, Jackie Loach, Nola Miller, Brenda Plantz, Wendy Saz, Bill Schrader, Tim Tolson, David Wayland and Krista Weih