To the Editor: 25 Is Right for Jarmans Gap Road


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25 Is Right for Jarmans Gap Road

In response to Mr. Girasek’s letter of September 2013: While no one likes to get a speeding ticket, the 25 mph limit is right for Jarmans Gap Road. The lower speed limit on the improved section of the road is precisely due to the improvements noted by Mr. Girasek. Bike lanes and sidewalks are in place to encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic between downtown Crozet and the Jarmans Gap neighborhoods. Slowing car traffic encourages people to walk and bike from their homes to the new library or Crozet Park or from downtown Crozet to the shops and restaurants in Old Trail.

We are seldom alone when we walk, run or bike along the road with our elementary-aged children.  We pass people of all ages enjoying all these activities. People need to know the car traffic is limited to a safe speed in order to feel comfortable walking and biking themselves or allowing their kids to do so.

Many safety studies support slower vehicle speeds on roads leading into towns and village areas. A pedestrian struck by a car travelling 20 mph has a 95 percent chance of survival. If the car is travelling just 10 mph faster (30 mph), the pedestrian’s chance of survival goes down to 60 percent and at 40 mph, down to 20 percent ( Clearly, slower car traffic makes for safer pedestrian routes.

Finally, maybe a section of road that requires us to “feel… like one is walking” is a good thing—the more people walk or bike to visit friends or the library or the farmer’s market or the coffee shop (you can get to one in either direction!) the more our community is knit together. The 25 mph speed limit is a benefit to Crozet and should be here to stay.

Anne and Donovan Dagner