Crozet Creative Cooperative to Host Its First Event Nov. 9


The Creative Cooperative at Crozet, an association for local artists and artisans, has been launched as a ministry initiative of Commonwealth Christian Community, a local congregation. The Coop is open to the public and has drawn people from various backgrounds from Crozet, Waynesboro, Charlottesville, Afton and Lovingston, according to Victor Morris, who is heading the effort.

“The Coop is made up of Christian artists, artisans and crafters,” said Morris. “It does not promote ‘Christian art’ per se, but rather the art of people who come from a biblical worldview. It is open to the broad spectrum of participants in both the visual and performing arts.  Painting, sculpture, pottery, woodworking, fiber art, music, dance, drama, vocal arts, and more are all included in the scope of what we are doing. Our theme is “Celebrating the Spirit of Creativity.”

The Coop will host its inaugural event, which it is calling “Create,” Saturday, November 9 from noon to 4 p.m. at the Commonwealth Community Center at 1447 McAllister Street in Crozet.

“Create is a combination arts and craft exhibition and family fall festival,” said Morris. “Part of the focus of this Coop is to make the arts accessible to families. We hope that events we will offer will attract a wide range of people from our region, and help foster interest in the arts, from the youngest to the oldest.”

Create will feature the work of artists such as Carol Bradbury of Waynesboro and Hannah Swan of Lovingston. Colleen Walker of Goochland will demonstrate hand weaving and using a spinning wheel. Alice Johansen of Charlottesville will present a moving dramatic monologue with a Civil War theme. There will be singers, musicians, and crafters of all types. Create will also have a children’s area, with activities for the kids, many of which will involve the children in creating their own artwork.

For more information, send an email to [email protected].