Pinewood Derby Winners From Pack 79

Luke Vance, Andrew Sime, and Keegan Scott
Luke Vance, Andrew Sime, and Keegan Scott

Cub Scout Luke Vance’s car hit 180.3 miles per hour on the ramp-like aluminum race track as Pack 79 held its Pinewood Derby Jan. 25. Placing second was Andrew Sime’s car at 177.3 mph and in third was Keegan Scott with a 175.3 mph finish. The boys are shown here from left to right.

Fastest cars by den were Evan Matta (Tiger Den), Harry Ledford (Wolf Den), Collin Attaway (Bear Den), Jacob Petty (Webelos 1) and Simrat Saini (Webelos 2 Den).

Awards for creativity in car design went to Alex Flamm and Brandon Thomas. Hands On Awards (meaning the scouts built their car without adult help) went to Luca D’Auria and Hunter Brady. Awards for the cars showing the most scout spirit went to Nathan Scott and Jeb Blackman.

The derby had 40 entries. Thirty-three cars were built by Cub Scouts and seven were entered by Scout’s relatives.


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