Cold & Snowy Winter… How Did it Rank?


By Heidi Sonen & Roscoe Shaw 

March 2014 Crozet Weather
March 2014 Crozet Weather

The beautiful wild cherry trees are finally starting to bloom in the Mint Springs Valley and you can watch the grass getting greener by the minute.  The snow is finally gone from Buck’s Elbow.  But it sure took a long time.  Winter of 2014 was a mean one and it hung on right to the end of the March.

This winter wasn’t the coldest ever (1978) or the snowiest ever (1960 or 2010), but it ranked solidly in both categories.  Some winters are cold but not that snowy (1977) and some are snowy but not that cold (2010).  This year was notable because of the one-two punch and the staying power right to the end.

The Snowiest Winters in Crozet
The Snowiest Winters in Crozet
Coldest Winters in Crozet
The Coldest Winters in Crozet

March ranked strong just by itself but it may surprise you that it was nearly identical to last March.  Both were about 5th coldest and 5th snowiest ever with a healthy 14.5” inches of snow.  So, for two years running, spring has been very late.  This is in sharp contrast to March of 2012 when spring came a month earlier during the second warmest March ever.

So what does all this mean?  Not much.  The weather is always crazy.  It was that way 100 years ago and it is now.  The wild weather gives us something to talk about and it builds character.

Looking Ahead

April brings a lot to look forward to.  The average temperature warms a full ten degrees and many folks list it as their favorite month around here.  The ground is soaked so everything will grow like crazy.

March Precipitation Totals

  • Crozet  3.52”
  • Old Trail  3.52”
  • Greenwood  3.11”
  • Univ. of VA   3.84”
  • Nellysford 2.69”
  • Waynesboro   2.80”
  • CHO Airport  2.49”