Boot Camp Anniversary


By Susan Williams

5:50 a.m. Boot Campers at Miller’s five-year anniversary workout on April 25.

Five years ago, Melissa Miller took a gamble that enough people would show up at Crozet Park at 6:00 in the morning to fill a Boot Camp class.

Not only did enough people show up, five years later the class is ten minutes earlier and participation is at an all-time high. Fully utilizing the park, playground and various sports fields, Miller combines high intensity cardio with strength training for a dynamic and original workout.

What stands out in Miller’s classes is the diversity in her clientele. There are young and old, male and female, with a whole spectrum of body types and fitness levels. It is a balancing act that Miller has mastered. What all participants do share is a common desire to get and stay fit. Mix that with a sense of humor and a love of community and one has the ideal exercise class.



  1. Melissa is the best! She care so much about her boot campers, and fosters a sense of community in their common goal. Congrats on 5 years going-strong!

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