To the Editor: Crozet Dental Day


Crozet Dental Day

I’m frequently reminded of the wonderful people living here in Crozet. My wife, three children and I left the Washington, D.C. suburbs looking for a better place to raise our family. We found it here in Crozet. For the last eight years, I have owned a dental practice on Jarmans Gap Road. I’m touched by the generosity of people here, who demonstrate real values in this quickly changing world. I feel strongly that I should share a story of an incredible person who has helped, and continues to help, many others in Crozet.

Mrs. P, who wishes to remain anonymous, has been my dental patient for six years. She asked me one day what happens to people who cannot afford dental care. I told her that it depends on their situation, but if I feel that they truly deserve it, I will provide their dental care for free. Mrs. P wanted to help. She had me open a separate account that she deposits money into several times a year. Her instructions to me were to decide who is truly in need and to use the money for their dental care. No other rules. Through her donations, I have been able to help many people. Recipients have ranged in ages and situations: children with special needs, college students, disabled veterans and others that have been negatively impacted by our country’s economy. I feel blessed and grateful to Mrs. P for allowing my office to help people in our community. When I tell patients that their bill has been paid for by an anonymous benefactor, they appear puzzled. But as I explain Mrs. P’s gift they often erupt into tears of joy and appreciation. I ask the recipient to write Mrs. P a thank you letter, then I make a copy for my office and send her the original. One of my favorite things to do is to call Mrs. P and tell her another letter is on its way.

To thank Crozet for making this my home and to carry on Mrs. P’s kindness, the staff and I, along with local Crozet resident and oral surgeon, Dr. Carlos Ibanez, will be donating our services to those in need on Saturday, May 17. We will provide free dental exams, free x-rays, and free extractions. Please see our ad on page 3 for more info. If you know of anyone in the Crozet community that would benefit from these services, please feel free to pass this information on to them. Thank you, Mrs. P, for inspiring all of us.


John Schoeb, DDS
Crozet Blue Ridge Dental