To the Editor: Thanks, Chas


Thanks, Chas

Many thanks to Charles Kidder for his intriguing article on the silverbell shrub/tree (Halesia) (“Unfair Competition,” May 2014). I had seen this beautiful, delicate, fragrant flowering shrub growing beside the sanctuary of St. Paul’s, Ivy a few years ago. It could be thought of as a large shrub or small tree, maybe 7-8 feet tall at that time, and as Kidder described, profusely covered with delicate white bell-shaped blossoms. When I asked the former rector, Miller Hunter, what it was, he (being quite a gardener himself) told me it was a Carolina Silverbell. After searching several nurseries, I obtained one and planted it in my Crozet yard—fortunately in a good spot per Mr. Kidder’s advice, as an understory shrub in partial shade. It seems to be thriving and is blooming now, adding a lovely snow-white gentleness to my garden. Not only had I forgotten the name, but I was so glad to learn more about it!

Clover C. Carroll