ACAC Physical Therapy Opening at Clover Lawn


By Margaret Marshall

Jean Memorella and Jen Fontaine
Jean Memorella and Jen Fontaine

Crozet will soon be one business healthier when ACAC opens its newest physical therapy outpost, ACAC Physical Therapy at Crozet, which has taken over the space formerly inhabited by Anytime Fitness in the Clover Lawn shops on Rt. 250.  Construction in the space began on June 20, and the office plans to open July 21.

Jean Momorella and Jen Fontaine, Crozetians who both currently work as physical therapists at ACAC Albemarle Square, will lead the venture, along with Brooke Albert, a personal trainer who will be handling administrative work.  Eventually they hope to have a staff of three full-time physical therapists as well as an athletic trainer.

Momorella, who earned her master’s in physical therapy at Shenandoah University, and Fontaine, who earned hers at the Medical College of Virginia, say that ACAC Physical Therapy at Crozet will be ready to treat any injury and any person, from Western Albemarle athletes to Mountainside residents. Momorella, who specializes in sports medicine, says that ACAC Physical Therapy is “heavy in orthopedics” and can help diagnose, treat, and prevent all sorts of pains and injuries. Fontaine, whose background is in pediatrics and neurological rehab, agrees. “There’s a wide base of knowledge here,” she said.

ACAC has been hoping to open a physical therapy office in Crozet ever since it opened its Crozet gym in Old Trail in 2009. The two ACAC locations in Charlottesville each have a physical therapy office built alongside the gym, so that patients and their PTs can access the equipment and facilities there. Though the Crozet Physical Therapy location is a mile down the highway from the Old Trail gym, patients will be able to use the ACAC Crozet gym with their physical therapist, and will be able to enroll in the gym’s 60 days for $60 plan to continue their exercising regimen after treatment. Momorella pointed out that since ACAC Crozet is open 24 hours, PT patients will be able to schedule appointments that fit their schedules more easily.

Fontaine and Momorella, who have children at Brownsville and Henley, are glad to get to work where they live again, and are looking forward to being very involved in Crozet’s health community.


  1. Hi Jean, please schedule me an appointment for early afternoon July 21 for physical therapy on my back. thank you! I’m so thrilled you’re back

    • Hi Babs,
      I’m not sure Jean will see this message. You should give ACAC Physical Therapy a call at 434-817-4283.

  2. I like the $60 for 60 days deal, and wonder if medicare or any other insurances are accepted for doctor recommended physical therapy… My 86-year old friend will be leaving PT at a skilled nursing by the end of January 2015, so I’m looking for something close. He should be completely mobile by then.


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