Crozet Park Survey Results Point to Trail, Parking and Concert Goals


After nearly six weeks of soliciting input from the community regarding the long-term development of Claudius Crozet Park, the results are in. Nearly 450 people responded to the survey and data will be analyzed over the next few months, but meanwhile the park’s board is acting on the results to prioritize improvements and plan new projects.

“We have lots of data to go through, but a few themes were very clear in the community input,” said board president Kim Guenther. “In addition to playing organized sports, people want to come to the park to walk, relax, bring their family (including the dog), hear some great music, and enjoy the natural beauty of this amazing place. The park has become the village green of our community.”

Survey responses show that the community is very interested in developing the perimeter trail around the entire park, adding more amenities not tied to organized sports—picnic shelters/pavilions—and improving parking, Guenther said. When asked about new events and activities, nearly half of respondents requested more concerts and music in the park. Development of a pond-side amphitheater was high on the list of desired new facilities.

Park users also stressed improved parking, more landscaping (including more shade trees), and expanded facilities such as a spray park, a larger fitness facility with more amenities and programs, and increased childcare.

Although Crozet Park is community-owned and operated, the park’s partnership with Albemarle County’s Parks and Recreation Department is vital to keeping the park’s grounds beautiful. Survey data will be shared with county parks officials with the goal of developing shared priorities.

“We are very grateful to everyone who participated in the survey,” said Guenther. “This is the type of formal community input that was long overdue and the resulting data will help guide park development over the next 18-24 months and beyond.”

Survey results are available online at



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