To the Editor: On Fracking


On Fracking

Concerning Ms. Day’s exposition on “fracking,” (The Crozet Gazette, July 2014, “Fracking Is Banging on Virginia’s Door”) she spends the first half of the article telling us how bad the chemicals used are, then says that NO ONE, not even the EPA, knows what they are. How, then, do we know they are all that bad?

The problems with overland shipment of gas and oil products are real, that is why pipelines are used when available. Overland is also far more expensive than pipeline.

France and Bulgaria both have extensive natural gas reserves and have banned fracking. They do not need it.

She mentions localities that have come out against fracking, including agencies in D.C. and Fairfax. There won’t be any fracking there anyway, so it is of no concern to them. The U.S. government has not stopped it, in spite of those in power now. That might mean something.

W. Rockwell Lambert, Jr.
Nelson County



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