Rockfish Valley Community Center to Unveil Wildflower Meadow


Rockfish Valley Community Center and Nelson County Master Gardeners will host an unveiling ceremony to celebrate the completion of the Mallory Creek Native Grasses and Wildflower Meadow on the Center’s grounds in Afton on Saturday, October 4 at 10 a.m.

The Meadow, which stretches over half an acre, was the brainchild of local master Gardener and RVCC member Herb Thomas. It received financial and volunteer support from the Nelson chapter, as well as grant monies from the Thomas Jefferson Soil and Water Conservation Office, the Nelson County Community Fund and Keep Virginia Beautiful.

“Besides being beautiful to look at, the meadow has great practical, ecological and educational value as well,” said Stu Mills, RVCC’s executive Director.  “It will save us a few dollars in lawn maintenance every year, but more importantly, it promotes the biodiversity and water retention of the soil underneath and will help us sustain endangered pollinators such as Monarch butterflies and honeybees. And we’re really looking forward to hosting field trips from our local schools to help kids learn about sustainable gardening, native grasses and wildflowers and the protection of threatened wildlife,” he said.


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