Library Days at Fardowners Restaurant During October


Fardowners Restaurant on The Square will host the third Crozet Library Days during the month of October.

Eat at Fardowners any day and present the voucher (which can be clipped from page 8 of the October Gazette) and Fardowners will donate 15 percent of a lunch food order and 10 percent of dinner food order to the Build Crozet Library fund. The voucher is also available on the Build Crozet Library website.

Fardowners owner W. C. Winkler said Library Days is a way to demonstrate support for the community. “Not only do we provide donations for the new library, but we also bring new shoppers to Crozet and new customers to Fardowners, so we all win,” he said.

A prior donation from Fardowners from its April Library Days allowed Crozet Library to purchase 75 new books, according to Bill Schrader, chair of the Build Crozet Library fundraising committee.



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