Salon R Opens in Crozet Shopping Center

Will Rossen and customer Mandy Few
Will Rossen and customer Mandy Few

Hair stylist Will Rosson opened Salon R in September in the Crozet Shopping Center in space formerly occupied by Office Quad.

It’s the culmination of a return home for Rosson, who grew up in the area and graduated from Western Albemarle High School in 1989.

He had been living in Richmond for 20 years and moved back four years ago and went to work for Face Value Salon in Old Trail Village.

Rosson started out in 1998 with a salon in his house. He built up. In Richmond Rosson had operated his own salon with six stylists. Now he’s back on his own, but the shop has a vacant chair if needed.

“It was time to move back to my family,” he said. “It was time to come home.”

Home is some good things. “I love the fact of Crozet being able to have local food. There’s lots of great things about the quality of life here.

“Now I think it’s time I should go back on my own. I like seeing the trends in Crozet and where we can add to them.

“I’ve trained with lots of places,” he said. “Vidal Sassoon, Bumble and Bumble. I believe in lots of education.

“I wanted to do a boutique feel. Something more intimate. It’s me by myself for now. I’m cool with that.”

The room is spare silver and white, its mood of modern sleekness relieved here and there by a bit of sensous baroque curve. There’s a hair washing room farther in that has the aura of space travel to it.

“I want a Hollywood glam look,” Rosson said. “I want the vibe to be sophisticated, like you would see in New York City in Soho or Tribeca.”

“He’s cosmopolitan. He’s a unique find for Crozet,” said Mandy Few, who drives from Richmond to continue under Rosson’s attention.

“I will cancel any appointment before my hair appointment,” she asserted.

“It’s a God-given thing. That’s why I follow him.”

She was getting “a graduated layered swing bob,” Rosson said.

The salon’s hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Thursday until 6 p.m. Call 205-4300.



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