Benefit Aids Ashley Walton

Ashley Walton and her brother, Brian
Ashley Walton and her brother, Brian

A yard and bake sale, now in its fifth year, was held at Mt. Moriah United Methodist Church in White Hall Oct. 18 to benefit Ashley Walton, who was very badly injured in a car accident on Rt. 29 in Charlottesville in 2008. Her recovery progress has been slow, but steady, thanks to the constant and devoted care of her parents, Jeff and Robin Walton. Still suffering especially on her left side, Ashley can now assist herself to get out of bed and into her wheelchair and her speech is virtually conversational. Her prognosis after the accident was bleak.

“Ashley is strong willed and works hard,” said Debra Shelton, who led the effort. “She wants to be as independent as she can. She loves to have company and she is appreciative of everything that’s done for her.”

“We could not ask for better church friends,” said Jeff Walton. “They have always supported Ashley and us.”

“My church family and my blood family work really hard,” said Ashley. “I couldn’t ask for better parents or a better brother. They do everything they can to help me improve and to make me happy.”

Nearby, the Mt. Moriah men’s outreach group made 120 gallons of apple butter to fund their efforts, which required them to slice up 44 bushels of apples first. The James River Cut Ups played Bluegrass music as the stirring and canning went on.

Derek Breeden took a turn stirring apple butter.
Derek Breeden took a turn stirring apple butter.



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