Sixth Annual Spirit Walk

Sixth Annual Crozet Spirit Walk
Sixth Annual Crozet Spirit Walk

Victoria Dougherty played Mary Sullivan, an Irish woman whose husband was working on the Crozet tunnel in the 1850s, in The Field School’s sixth annual Spirit Walk Oct. 17 and 18, a tour of Crozet history in which school parents and local citizen impersonated people from Crozet’s past.

The Spirit Walk began at the Field School, where guests were greeted by a ghostly guide who shared tales of old Crozet on the short bus ride to The Square. From there they walked back along Crozet Avenue encountering along the way historical figures such as Claudius Crozet, Lady Astor, Paul Goodloe McIntire, Crozet Gators Boys, Confederate soldiers and others.

The tour ended at the Field School where hot apple cider, donuts, baked goods, and the Field School’s homemade apple butter were available.

“We at the Field School take great pride in being a part of the Crozet community and are passionate about preserving and celebrating our community’s history,” said Todd Barnett, Head of School.



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