Hearing Health Opens In Liberty Hall

Dr. Tammy Garber
Dr. Tammy Garber

Hearing Health Associates has opened in Liberty Hall, next to Crozet Eye Care, under the direction of Dr. Tammy Garber. The practice, the first audiologist to be based in Crozet, offers hearing problem diagnosis and rehabilitation measures.

Hearing Health first opened in Roanoke in 2000 with Garber joined by her business partner Dr. Douglas Cameron. When Garber’s husband Vic took a job with the City of Charlottesville, the family relocated to Charlottesville. They lived there in an apartment for one year before settling on Crozet for a permanent home.

“We’re originally from the Harrisonburg area and Crozet feels like home to us. We love it here,” said Garber. “We love the comfortable and peaceful community and the beautiful western sky.”

Dr. Cameron, who was raised in Roanoke, will continue the practice there with Garber commuting there to assist two days a week. The Crozet office will see patients on Wednesdays and Fridays and by appointment on Saturday mornings. The new office is configured with a testing room, a fitting room, a waiting room, a workroom and a private office. They can evaluate hearing, fit and repair hearing aids, and make new molds.

“We can get people back to normal hearing,” said Dr. Garber. “The technology adjusts with great sophistication. We can fix issues now that 20 years ago we had limited options for.

“Hearing begins to deteriorate in your 20s, but you don’t often notice until later. Noise came with industry.”

She urged people who are operating tractors or heavy equipment, lawn mowers and leaf blowers, even those exposed to hair blow dryers often, to wear hearing protection.

“A lot of follow-up is required in hearing care,” she said. “Patient care after the fitting is so important. We pride ourselves on it. The sooner you go to get amplification when you get hearing loss, the better. As you get used to silence, it’s harder to get out of.”

Dr. Garber said she began her training at James Madison University in speech pathology and chose to specialize in the hearing component, which was showing promise of technological solutions. She has advanced degrees from the University of North Carolina and Salus University. She first practiced in North Carolina and later with LewisGale Clinic in Roanoke before opening her independent practice.


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