To the Editor: A Westhall Christmas Story


A Westhall Christmas Story

On December 1, 2014, a small Christmas bag appeared on our doorstep. In it were two chocolates, a Christmas tree ornament and an inspirational quote. There was no tag or any other indication of who had left it there for us. The only clue was that it had the number 24 on it and we wondered. Did this mean we would be getting one every day until Christmas? Yes, it did!

The bag was usually on the doorstep before 7:30 a.m., but on weekends it would be later in the day. As my husband had recently become ill, we surmised that a group of neighbors had decided to make this Christmas magical for us, but no one would admit to knowing anything about it!

I thought about hiding at a front window to try to spy on our secret Santa but was persuaded by others not to spoil the surprise. On Christmas Eve Day, McKenna Riley, a neighborhood high school student, came to visit with the last gift. She was the spirit of kindness and magic behind the whole plan. She delivered the bags before she went to swim practice every morning and went to great lengths not to be discovered.

We feel that this is a wonderful example of the true spirit of Christmas and so we wanted to share this with everyone as a tribute to that spirit of love and kindness and to the amazing young person who made it all happen.

Thank you, McKenna.

Gerry and Chris Walters


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