Birchwood Place is Back on the Market

Birchwood Place renderings
Birchwood Place renderings

Birchwood Place, a three-story office building designed by architect/developer Vito Cetta for a parcel in north downtown adjoining Crozet Great Valu, is back on the market. The plan was first made in 2006 and got county approval, but went dormant when the real estate market tanked in 2007 and 2008. The site is governed by Downtown Crozet District zoning.

The building is planned to be on the rear of a 2.5 acre-parcel between the Crozet Shopping Center and the U.S. Joiner building on Three Notch’d Road. The parking lots of all three building would connect to each other. Birchwood Place has 68 parking places.

“Three Notch’d Road is an entrance corridor where buildings require Architectural Review Board approval, so we designed the architecture for it as a 19,000-square-foot, three floor office building. We normally would not have gone that far,” Cetta said.

The front half-acre is owned by Union Trust Bank, Cetta said, and has a parking lot and driveway ready for a bank building to be added when the bank judges that the time is right to open in Crozet. Access to Birchwood Place is through an easement past the bank.

Cetta has meanwhile built a mixed-use residential and commercial project at Liberty Hall, off Radford Lane near Rt. 250. Townhouse residential units are above eye and hearing doctors’ offices on the ground floor.

“It really does work because the offices are in use during the day and closed when the residents are home from work in the evening,” Cetta said.

He is marketing Birchwood Place as a similar project with three residential floors containing 24 apartments above the commercial first floor. He said a residential design would have to go back to the ARB for approval.

Bevin Boisvert is representing the project, which has a $550,000 price tag for the land and building plan.


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