To the Editor: We’re Not Divided


We’re Not Divided 

I beg to differ with your representation of CCAC [From the Editor, February 2015] as divided, or the inference that some members are being wooed by Milestone partners. As a member of the CCAC, after hearing Mr. Stoner’s presentations, I had many more questions, so I called Mr. Stoner (not the other way around) and met with him once last spring to get those questions answered. I was very upfront with him on several problems I had with his proposal. A few other members also initiated meeting with him on their own time to do their own due diligence, and each of us subsequently shared what we learned and our impressions at later public meetings. The record shows that the CCAC later unanimously voted to reject his original proposal prior to its hearing at the planning commission. If Mr. Stoner was wooing members, then he did not do a very good job.

We held two marathon special public sessions last summer to hash out our specific issues with the Barnes Lumber redevelopment plan, and our vision for that particular piece of property. What I enjoy about serving on the CCAC is the respect everyone has for differing opinions—that is what makes a good committee. Not only do we listen to each other’s thoughts, but also incorporate the public’s input. Varying viewpoints are what make a strong and healthy committee.We all come from different professional backgrounds and bring a variety of expertise and experience, and I value that.

The talk about market research stems from trying to get a handle on what are realistic expectations for business growth and development in Crozet. I want to have real data—not take a private developer’s word for it. I look forward to much thoughtful and respectful discussion during CCAC meetings in the coming year.

Kim Connelly
Crozet Community Advisory Council


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