Crozet Weather Almanac: February 2015


Very Cold & Snowy February

By Heidi Sonen & Roscoe Shaw 

We made it to Valentine’s Day with just an inch of snow for the season.  But that evening, the infamous winds of Crozet began to howl and winter took a bitter turn for cold, snowy and windy.  When the month closed out, it proved to be the fourth coldest February ever and the twelfth coldest month ever.  That was quite a shock after hitting 71 degrees on February 8.

Snow accumulated on six of the last 15 days of the month.  We had a 6.5” storm on the 16th-17th and a 7.5” storm on the 21st.  A few other lighter storms brought the total to 16.6” for the month.  That made it the 19th snowiest month ever in roughly 100 years of records but was actually less than last February.  Last year, despite being 8 degrees warmer, February dumped a monstrous 17.3”.

The snowiest month ever was March of 1960, when the famous “Wednesday Snows” brought 29 inches of snow for the month.  More recently, December of 2009 brought 22”, which all fell in one night.

March is starting off cold as well, but by the end of the month, the average high will be 64, the grass will  need mowing, the cherries will be blooming and the sun will set at 7:36 p.m.



Coldest Months Ever (Chart courtesy Heidi Sonen & Roscoe Shaw)
Coldest Months Ever (Chart courtesy Heidi Sonen & Roscoe Shaw)


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