Western’s Beauty and the Beast Success

Photo courtesy WAHS Drama
Photo courtesy WAHS Drama

A cast, crew, and orchestra of close to 100 students—including wolves, teapots, and dinner napkins–lit up the stage at Western Albemarle High School with four spectacular performances of Beauty and the Beast March 13-15. The show featured stunning costumes rented from Costume Gallery and hand-sewn by parents. Rose-shaped lights were sold at intermission for the audience to wave to strengthen Beast during his darkest hour. Above in the first row, from left to right, are Lauren Rider as Babette (the feather duster), Kristina Donnally as Mme. De la Grande Bouche (the chest of drawers), Ryann Sheehy as Belle, Christian Reifsteck as Cogsworth (the clock), and Zac Colomes as Lumiere (the candlestick); in the second row: Ella Duncan, Alex Kingsley, Abbie Palmer, Emma Scott, and Lauren Sawyer as napkins; and in the back row: Carly Haling, Sammie Cohen, Dani Miller, Peyton Beaumont, and Chanti Anderson as knives, forks, and plates. Leads not shown were Warren Elliott as the Beast, Brennan Reid as Gaston, Marion Carter as Belle’s mother, Bianica Baker as Mrs. Potts, and Ben Jesse as Lefou.



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