Seasonal Flavors: Turning the Mundane into a Little Bit of Heaven


When you find a new use for a familiar vegetable it’s a real treat. There is surely nothing mundane about the fresh peas of May and yet this recipe turns a common vegetable into a little bit of heaven. It was discovered by my traveling musician daughter in a small restaurant in Rochester, New York. She can’t remember the name of the restaurant, so if you are reading this and happen to be the proprietor, we salute you! She also wasn’t given this recipe, but deduced it after the delightful meal at said restaurant. We messed with it till we got it right.

And it’s almost an embarrassment to publish—it is so darn simple.

What she had was a sandwich, with lettuce, cucumber, slivered onion, cheese and this wonderful pea paste, or pea paté or pea spread. We’re all still arguing about what to call it.

There is but one caveat—it appears that it is best eaten fresh. By the following day it loses its taste, perhaps the sugars have turned to starch? So make it and enjoy it. There will most likely be none left the next day, anyway.

Spring Pea Sandwich Spread

  • 1 cup of fresh (or frozen if you must) peas, steamed till tender
  •  3 T. olive oil
  • ½ tsp salt.

Combine in the blender or food processor until smooth. Can be eaten as a sandwich spread or used as a dip with crackers or crunchy vegetables.


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