Crozet Tack and Saddle Opens in Crozet Shopping Center

Kathleen Anderson of Crozet Tack and Saddle.
Kathleen Anderson of Crozet Tack and Saddle.

A consignment store for horseback riding gear has opened next to the Crozet Great Valu in Crozet Shopping Center.

Kathleen Anderson launched Crozet Tack and Saddle in June, offering quality used tack and accessories.

A rider could be completely fitted out at a reasonable price from the store, which does include some new items, mainly tack box supplies like sprays and wipes, brushes, combs and horse treats (which have been going fast). Used goods include saddles, bridles, bits, pads and blankets, shoes and boots, clothing, helmets, and horse-themed art works.

The tack is mainly for English riders—there were about 30 English saddles to choose from–but some Western tack is available.

“We’re interested in Western,” said Anderson, “But not much has come in. Our dream is to expand and have a Western side.

“We want to cater to riders of all disciplines. I want any horse person to find something they like here.”

“I think the horse industry will stay strong. People love horses and riding, and it gets passed to generations.”

“I’ve been accumulating things over the years,” said Anderson, who has four horses herself and is an active rider. She began advertising to draw in consignments after the Kentucky Derby in early May. So far they have been drawing a lot of consignments.

Anderson said her nearest competitor dealing in new items is in Charlottesville and the nearest stores like hers with used gear are in Middleburg and Richmond.

Anderson said the area—speaking somewhat broadly—includes six hunt clubs and “thousands” of horses.

A nurse in an intensive care unit at U.Va. hospital, Anderson will keep her job for the time being. Her friend Barbara Barrell, who owns Mechums View Farm, which offers riding lessons and trail rides just south of Crozet, will run the store when Anderson can’t be there. Anderson has no previous experience as a merchant.

Her rule for accepting consignment goods is that they must be clean and serviceable. “If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t bring it in,” she said. The store gets a 30 percent commission on a sale.

The store has a bulletin board with information useful to local riders. “We hope to be a destination for local horse people,” said Anderson.

The store’s hours are 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays.


  1. Dear Kathleen:

    1. In your note, above you state that the nearest stores similar to yours which sell old (consignment) & new saddles & tack is in Richmond.

    2. That statement is not accurate. Please note that Mad Tack & Saddlery Liquidation are located in Madison Virginia. Mad Tack sells new & consignment riding attire, equipment, saddles, & tack. Mad Tack’s consignment fee is 25%. The company also builds & sells custom-made jumps. Saddlery Liquidation concentrates on new riding attire, equipment, & high-end saddles & tack–both English & Western.


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