To the Editor: Oberg/Alcaro for School Board


Oberg/Alcaro for School Board

In your June edition, you printed an article titled “Alcaro, Oberg Step Up as School Board Candidates.” While the title of that article is still correct, some of the facts have changed since it was printed; specifically, Mr. Alcaro and I are no longer running against each other. Mr. Alcaro is now running for the At-Large seat on the School Board, and I am running for the White Hall District position.

Shortly after you interviewed us, Jonno and I realized that we share a number of core beliefs regarding how to support and improve our public schools. We both believe that public schools are the key to achieving the American Dream, and we are both committed to ensuring that all of our students are given every opportunity to succeed. We oppose high stakes testing, and we fully support our classroom teachers. Although we have different life experiences, I believe Jonno and I both possess qualities that would make us valuable additions to the School Board.

We ultimately agreed, with input from our wives, that because there are two positions open on the School Board it was a mistake for us to run against each other. Because of that, after your article was printed, Jonno withdrew his candidacy for the White Hall position and filed his paperwork to run instead for the At-Large position being vacated by Ned Galloway.

Both Jonno and I are active members of the Crozet community, and dedicated members of our respective churches. We each have a daughter attending schools in the Western feeder pattern; Jonno’s daughter is a sophomore at Western, and my daughter Kendra is a sixth grader at Henley.  Jonno is a successful businessman and entrepreneur and has a wealth of management and budgeting experience. I on the other hand have twenty years of experience as an attorney and have a great knowledge regarding education law and policy. I believe Jonno and I would make a great team on the School Board, and I hope the Crozet community will support our candidacies.  Please vote for Oberg and Alcaro on November 3, 2015.

David D. Oberg
Candidate for the Albemarle County School Board, While Hall District 


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