To the Editor: School Board Endorsement


School Board Endorsement

C.J. Hatcher, a candidate for the White Hall District seat on the School Board, is well qualified for the office and would make an excellent School Board member if elected. Her background as a teacher of high school government and economics gives her a thorough understanding of the challenges of a classroom teacher. She has grandchildren in the Albemarle County schools and thus is aware of the daily activities of students here. She has developed a line of textbooks with an emphasis on civics education, which shows an in-depth knowledge of curriculum. Her experience as a businesswoman will help her to understand the intricacies and the big picture of the county schools’ budget. Her recent service on the Long Range Planning Advisory Committee to the School Board has demonstrated a willingness to work. She has the time, the talents, and the energy to fulfill the demands of the office. I heartily endorse her for the White Hall District seat on the School Board.

Barbara Massie Mouly
School Board Member
White Hall District 


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