Election 2015 Candidate Statements: John Zug (Candidate for Circuit Court Clerk)


John Zug

Candidate for Clerk of Court

John Zug
John Zug

I’m Jon Zug, candidate for the Albemarle Clerk of Court. I want to thank the Crozet Community Association for providing me with the opportunity to meet with the community this past Tuesday, and to share my vision for a Clerk’s office that works.

Simply put, I’m running because there is a need to turn around a dysfunctional Clerk’s office that is no longer providing good customer service to the community it is supposed to serve.

For more than 25 years I’ve served the people of this community as an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, and I’ve been recognized for my good customer service twice in the past year by being awarded both locally and statewide with distinguished service awards to victims of crime and in recognition of my service towards victims’ rights.

My work as an attorney has been devoted solely to helping people at some of the worst moments in their lives. I’ll bring that commitment to service to the Clerk’s office, but more than that, I’ll bring a legal expertise to the job that none of the other candidates possesses, as I am the only attorney in the race. My work as an attorney has helped me develop strong leadership and organizational skills, two things that will be critical to turning around an office that was once highly regarded, but now continuously fails state audits.

As a practicing attorney I will also use my strong relationship with the Charlottesville Albemarle Bar Association to set up a Clerk-Bar committee to make the office more responsive to the needs of it’s greatest number of users, the local attorneys and their staff.

I plan to do likewise with the local real estate organizations and settlement brokers so that we are promptly addressing the issues that arise regarding the thousands of real estate transactions that occur in Albemarle County every year. I will also work to partner with the Charlottesville Clerk’s office to see where we can share resources, provide better service to our joint community, and where possible, share expenses so that we can provide the best customer service at the lowest possible cost to the taxpayer. That’s why I am humbly asking for your vote on Tuesday, November 3rd.  Thank you for your consideration.




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