To the Editor: More on ACPS Nondescrimination


More on ACPS Non-descrimination

In regard to the Letter to the Editor by Linda McNeil [in December’s Gazette] commenting on Albemarle County Public School policy, I ask: who was the other board member who voted against adding the additional protections for the ACPS lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender personnel and students? Was there something personal against Ms. Barbara Massie Mouly that she was called out by name for her vote and this other person was not?

I don’t know Ms. Mouly, but perhaps she does not agree that children are better protected and served by counselors and or teachers who struggle with their own identity. Maybe she thinks their leadership or opinions concerning morality, birds and bees training, etc. are not the best we have to offer our children. Maybe Ms. Mouly believes children would be better protected if only girls were allowed to use the girls restroom or shower; or only female teachers should have access to girls locker rooms, baths, showers, etc.

I noticed in the letter by Ms. McNeil that her statement “all students needing to feel safe and protected” does not include the straight student. No, the straight student apparently needs to learn that just because you were born with a certain type of plumbing doesn’t make you a boy or girl anymore. It doesn’t matter that the straight student doesn’t feel safe sharing a bath or shower with the opposite sex. It doesn’t matter that the straight student may consider the LGBT life choice offensive or immoral. They must be taught to explore sexuality, rebuke conscience and embrace the agenda.

So, in honesty, this policy does not best represent the interest of all students and faculty. Only a small percentage.

Perhaps Ms. Mouly strongly opposes discrimination against all people of all sexual persuasion, color, background, etc. and considers this policy change more discriminating to the majority of persons as a whole. Maybe these are some of the reasons Ms. Mouly voted against this policy change.

Of course, this is speculation. However, no matter what the reason, learn the lesson here. Read the true meaning of her letter to the editor. To have an opposing opinion than that of people of this persuasion is to open yourself up to ridicule, discrimination, and public humiliation. You may even lose your job or get sued.

Tim Wright



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