To the Editor: Thank You, From Barbara Massie Mouly


Thank You

I want to thank this community for the privilege of serving as the White Hall District representative to the Albemarle School Board for the past twelve years.  Because my roots are in this community, I was particularly interested in contributing to the development of excellent schools here.  I grew up in Crozet and attended Crozet Elementary School and Albemarle High School.  My parents, John and Florence Massie, were an administrator and teacher here; many people in the community fondly remember their work at Crozet, Henley, and Brownsville.  Through the influence and example of my parents and many excellent teachers, I developed a love of learning.  I especially liked writing, and this interest continued into adulthood and in my work.

During the 1960s, I saw my parents, along with other educators, devoting time and energy to the full integration of the public schools.  At the same time, I was inspired by the great civil rights movement of that day.  There was planted in me as a young person a desire to play a role in building a just society, with schools in which all students could flourish.

During my time on the School Board, I have supported the dedicated teachers and administrators of the local schools to the best of my ability.  I have listened to the concerns of parents, who are truly their children’s first educators, and I have conveyed those concerns at board meetings.  I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting classes in the schools and attending school athletic events, dramas, and concerts.  I have been thrilled to see the students growing in their understanding of various subjects and developing their special talents.

I have worked with other board members to steer the schools away from an over-emphasis on standardized testing, which tends to stifle creativity of both students and teachers.  I have advocated for excellence in writing skills.  I have spoken up for strong vocational education.  I have vigorously supported all of the school division’s anti-bullying programs.  In sum, I have advocated for the best interests of all of the students, desiring for every student to have the same opportunity which I had. I see each of the students as a unique individual with God-given abilities which educators should foster and encourage.

It is with mixed feelings that I conclude this service, but I believe the timing is right.  I wish David Oberg all the best as he now undertakes the responsibility of this School Board position.  And thank you again for the unparalleled opportunity to serve you and your children.

Barbara Massie Mouly


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