To the Editor: Thank You from Tabor Presbyterian and Crozet Cares


Thank you on behalf of Crozet Cares and Tabor Presbyterian Church

On behalf of the congregation of Tabor Presbyterian Church, I want to thank the Crozet Gazette for the [December] article concerning Crozet Cares. The article offered a wonderful description of what Crozet Cares was able to offer the community over the past several years and how well the Crozet community responded.

Crozet Cares continues to offer a wide range of programs, and Harmony Place continues to be a widely used community park; it is a joy to see children using the facilities daily.

We are also happy to announce that we have received a $4,000 grant from Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band at the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation to make Harmony Place more handicapped-accessible to open its use to a broader part of the community. The work will begin this spring. If you have any ideas concerning this project, please contact the church at 823-4255.

Tony Baglioni
Tabor Presbyterian Church


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