Green Olive Tree Snippets


By Sheila Freeman

Greetings from your community thrift shop on Three Notch’d Road. We have the best bargains in town and the friendliest volunteers.

This last year we have been blessed to be able to give more to a growing list of Christian and community causes. When you’re in the store please notice near the cash register the framed list of places and people we help.

This is a Crozet-area cooperative endeavor with donors, volunteers, shoppers and friends working together.

When the board of directors meets every month we brainstorm about how to make things better. We appreciate opinions and input from our many friends. We also discuss problems with the hope the community will help us.

We need help with the timing of donations. We can only accept items during business hours, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. It appears to our Monday crew that mountains of bags are dropped off late Saturday and Sunday, piled high and deep. Too often they show evidence of having been poked through; clothes are scattered and various items are strewn about. Some of our neighbors have witnessed theft of donations.

We have trouble believing that in such a great and good community there are a few who take advantage and are dishonest. So we ask our friends to consider the time when donations are dropped-off.

The Tree has no room for furniture, broken or dirty items and out-of-fashion clothing.

Many excess donated goods are shared and shipped to other organizations. Vietnam Vets in Richmond and Equipping the Saints in Weyers Cave come regularly and truck away bags and boxes for their causes. Clothing is often given to area nursing homes.

Have you noticed our windows and boutique area? They’re the work of our decorating committee: Kathy Fontenot, Joice Wright and Carol Turner. Dina Cohen organizes and beautifies our jewelry displays.

We are blessed. Please come visit.


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