Green Olive Tree Snippets


By Sheila Freeman

What do you collect? There are as many answers to that question as there are categories of matter. Cookbooks, salt and pepper shakers, small squirrel  figurines or all sorts of anything elephant. Some people are heavily into angels or prayer cards. My mother would never pass up a church bulletin or pamphlet. What about stamps and coins? Who can resist sea glass and sea shells?

Why do you collect what you do? Most of us started to collect because the first item was encoded in a special memory of a person or event. The baby lamb from childhood makes one more partial to lambs. A first snow globe that was a gift from grandma.

There comes a time or an age when many of us have to divest ourselves of our collections. We pass the stuff of life to our family and friends or to a place such as The Green Olive Tree. As painful or as liberating as the parting may be, there can be a kind of material “namaste” involved.

We at The Green Olive Tree often receive collections. Many shoppers are excited to find a special item to add to their groupings. Recently someone gave their collection of hippopotamuses, which was not a common sort of collection when you think of all the owls we see.

Last month we had a volunteer appreciation lunch at Crozet Baptist Church. More than 30 volunteers attended. There’s space for more help if you would like to join us. Everyone has special talents that can make us better.

The next bag sale is the week of May 16.


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