To the Editor: Join Pitch-In


Join Pitch-In

I was honored to participate in the 3rd annual Pitch-in-at-the-Park on Saturday, April 16. Over 40 community members spent a balmy spring day at Claudius Crozet Park pruning, weeding, mulching, painting, splitting wood, and generally sprucing up our well-used park to prepare it for the coming year. As busy as we all are, this relative few found time to give a half day or more to this vital cause. But I was surprised and disappointed that, in a growing community of 7,000+ residents, so few came out to help. Where were the hundreds of residents who use the park—to walk our dogs, play on the playground, swim, play ball, or celebrate Independence Day—on this one day of pitching in to clean it up?

Are you aware that Claudius Crozet Park is 100 percent community-owned and operated, so that it receives NO financial or maintenance support from Albemarle County? This means that the residents—represented by a volunteer board—have complete control over how our park is developed and what goes on there. But with that control comes the responsibility to maintain the park and keep it in good shape. Next year, please watch for this annual spring opportunity, and come out to donate some TLC and elbow grease to one of our most precious community assets! Then we can truly enjoy working and playing in OUR shared green space.

Clover Carroll

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