To the Editor: Farewell from Maupins Music and Video


End of an Era

Rick and Pete Maupin in 2009
Rick and Pete Maupin in 2009

As many in Crozet have heard, Maupin’s Music and Video is closing on June 30th. This decision was made slowly over the past year with a heavy heart and thoughtful consideration.

We regret having to say farewell to the Crozet community after opening our doors over 18 years ago on January 1, 1998. The shop has served us well: it’s kept us busy, but it has also been a tool in teaching our children the values of good customer service, detailed organization, and financial responsibility. On the surface, it may appear as if our beloved town is losing a video rental shop that provides entertainment. This may be true, but additionally, two brothers who have lived here their entire lives are losing so much more: the daily interaction with customers who make up the fabric of our community. In a recent article, a long­term video store owner said it best, “The loss of the video store severs a personal connection among the movies, the viewers, and the people who liked nothing more than being part of the conversation.” In sharing their lives, interests and experiences with us, our customers have become branches of our extended family. We have always been very proud to call ourselves Crozetians and feel deeply honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to serve our community for 18½ years.

The closing of the shop is bittersweet. It is the end of an era for us, but it is also the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. Having a more open schedule will enable us to travel to our grandchildren who are spread across Virginia, Missouri, and Texas. We have some spoiling to do!

We would like to thank Harold Burnett, Munro Russell, Sandy Everton, and David Wyant and family for their help and support. We would also like to acknowledge everyone who has worked at the shop over the years: Brenda Maupin, Cathy Maupin, Jason Maupin, Jessica Maupin Cleaver, Louise Cook,  Arlene Fewell, Mike Temple, Sean Santiago, Matt Armstrong, Zach Armstrong, Christie Morris, Megan Maupin Burgess, Lauren Maupin, Allison Maupin, Johnathon Maupin, and Matthew Wozneak. We want to specially acknowledge Evan Taylor and Ashleigh Pugh Taylor, who met by working together at the shop and are now happily married with a child.

We offer our sincerest thanks to our loyal customers and wish you the very best. Please stay in touch and we hope to see you around Crozet soon!

Pete and Rick Maupin


  1. The loss of any business in Crozet that is own & operated by native Crozetions is truly a sad happening and you guys will be sorely missed. I’m fairly certain that we’ve been among your most regular customers over the years and I’m dang sure that we’ve been among your worst for overdue movies. Steph & I both will surely miss those ever so polite phone message reminders 🙂 God bless you guys, enjoy those grandkids and enjoy life!


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