To the Editor: Back the Tebow Bill


Back the Tebow Bill

I am writing this letter in support of the Tebow Bill. The Tebow Bill has been introduced by Delegate Robert Bell of Charlottesville. The bill states that home-schooled students should be eligible to play sports on their local high school teams. The students would be required to show two consecutive years of proof of academic progress and would be required to follow all the rules and codes of conduct applicable to public high school athletes. The bill does not say schools are required to permit home-schooled students to play in interscholastic sports, but it gives the individual schools the choice to “opt in.” Currently, thirty-one states allow home-schooled students to play interscholastic sports.

I am a rising 8th grader who has been home-schooled since first grade. I like being home-schooled because I can work at my own pace. I can learn more about stuff that I might want to do when I grow up. And instead of coming home after a school day and having to do homework, I can spend that time doing other things. I do well on my end of the year standardized test, which is used to show proof of progress each year. I started playing baseball at Peachtree when I was 6 and currently play for a local travel team. I have played with a handful of the same boys throughout those years and they will most likely end up playing for Western’s baseball team. It would nice to be able to try out with those boys and play with them in high school.

Fortunately, this area offers options to play sports in high school outside of the public school system. However, for other areas in our state or for individual kids, those options may not be available or financially doable. If this bill is passed, those kids could continue to be home-schooled and have the opportunity to play sports in high school. It seems unfair that those families who have chosen to home-school their kids for academic growth should not be allowed the opportunity to have their kids be eligible to at least try out to play sports at the high school level.

Andrew Russamano


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