To the Editor: PHA Is Wearing the Black Hat


The Vue: PHA Is Wearing the Black Hat

We in Crozet know that the Piedmont Housing Alliance does many wonderful things, but are mystified that the PHA has collaborated with William Park, Vue Realty Partners, and Pinnacle Construction and Development Corporation to make it possible to cram nine apartment buildings and 126 (rental at market price) apartment units on 4.29 acres in the middle of our single-home neighborhood.

They are violating the intent of the Crozet Master Plan (six units per acre), demolishing one of our historical houses, and dismissing the concerns of the local residents.

We know the PHA has the legal right to buy and sell and profit from property as they wish, but we find what has been done in Crozet and the way it has been done contrary to what most would expect of them, a publicly supported agency who claims as one of its missions “to help build community.”

The PHA may wish to wash their hands of responsibility (“We have not been involved in the planning.”), but they knew when they sold the property to William Park and his companies what it meant for the Crozet neighbors.

Jon D. Mikalson



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