Green Olive Tree Snippets


By Sheila Freeman

It is time to officially say goodbye to summer stock and fill our store racks with fall and winter clothes. We have bountiful donations of great fashions for all and are eager to display our semi-annual changeover.

Here is our schedule: The Olive Tree will be closed Monday, September 5 through Friday, September 9. We will reopen on Saturday, September 10. The store will be cleaned, reorganized, and redecorated.

Our energetic shop manager, Ellie Kroeger, is a great planner and she inspires all the volunteers to come together to produce this semi-annual seasonal changeover. She and husband Kurt work tirelessly, as do our growing number of volunteers.

We don’t know what to do about our continuing problem of after hours theft. Local merchants have spotted the same few trucks “circling like sharks,” then snatching donated items left at the back door. So, it is necessary to leave donations only when we are open.

We are happy to see our customers finding bargains, visiting, chatting and just enjoying your community thrift store. A most enjoyable event occurred in July as we hosted a “before opening hours” shopping spree. Six ladies in wheel chairs from the Cedars Nursing Home shopped at a time just for them. This was arranged by Cedars’ Margaret Thacker and Ellie. The atmosphere was rich with laughter and camaraderie and fun for $4 a bag. A good time was had by all.

Sue Kyle, one of our many treasured volunteers, has set up our newly designed website:

Thank you, Crozet Community, for all you do.


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