Planning Commission Okays Rezoning in Foothill Crossing


The Albemarle County Planning Commission approved a proposal to rezone 39 acres east of Crozet Park and adjoining the existing part of Foothill Crossing to allow up to 180 units to be built there by Riverbend Development.

Previous zoning was one unit per acre. Half the houses will be single family detached, according to Valerie Long, an attorney representing Riverbend, and the rest townhouses. Fifteen percent of the units will qualify as affordable housing and the project also includes an undefined civic space.

The area borders Parkside Village and the road system for the new houses means that a connection from Hilltop Street to Route 240 will be created. A section of Eastern Avenue now under construction means Westhall and Westlake Hills will also be able to reach Park Ridge Drive. A connection south to Rt. 250 will require a bridge to be built over Lickinghole Creek, a project that will fall to the taxpayers to pay for. It is not currently on the County’s project list. Eastern Avenue is also planned to connect to Rt. 240 in the vicinity of the Acme site, but that will require a railroad crossing.


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